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The shop floor centeric quality assurance
for any enterprise size.

Successful integration in 3 simple steps:


Each drawing dimension is assigned a unique stamp including nominal dimension and tolerances based on OCR.


Inspection plans are defined by the assignment of colors. Only relevant stamps will be shown later.


Measurement results are imported using standardized application interfaces or entered manually by workers.

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The numerous features of SMART Inspection help you work as effectively and efficiently as possible.

*Images may different to actual views due to continuous development.

Free Trial

You are welcome to test SMART Inspection free of charge and without obligation. Surely, we will configure the application and give you a free introduction so that you can start as fast as possible.
It is also possible to start without configuration. However, you will lose your stampings after a restart.



Integration in your Company

SMART Inspection is smoothly integratable into any business process. The software introduction will be supported so that you can start working without major process changes.


The adjustment of individual features is given by many settings. If you still have additional wishes, new settings will be assessed and implemented as soon as possible.

Continous Development

Further development of OCR recognition and improvements in automation make SMART Inspection future prove.

Ease of use

The simple interfaces make SMART Inspection quick and simple to use. This significantly reduces training and learning costs.

Customer Support

SMART Brains always strives to ensure the best possible support. This means that a response time can be guaranteed within one working day.

Articles and Fairs

SMART Inspection is exhibiting annually at the Control fair in Stuttgart. Additionally, two articles about SMART Inspection have already been published in well-known trade journals (e.g. QZ April 2018).


63 ∅ Downloads per Month
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3 ∅ Support Response (Hours)
14 Happy Customers


We surely make you a non-binding offer and help you to introduce simple, workshop-oriented test planning.